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Mszczonów - Mazovian Tiger

Actually Mszczonów is one of most dynamically developing towns in Poland. Thanks to transformations occurred here in recent 15 yeas, our town is called “Mazovian Tiger”. The previous small town with handicraftsmen shops is actually transferred into dynamically operating logistic and industrial center. The localization of Mszczonów with almost 7 thousand inhabitants is perfect. The town is situated within Warsaw and Łódź agglomeration (45km from Warsaw and 90km from Łódź) at the Warsaw Katowice route /No 8) and on TIR route / international route No 50/. Two railway routes are crossing here i.e. the Central Railway Route and the East – West cargo railway route /Słubice-Terespol/. It takes 30 minutes to travel from Mszczonów to Okęcie Airport. Two industrial quarters (East and South quarter) exist in the town.
Many times Mszczonów was classifies in so called “Golden Hundred” of most active towns and gminas in Poland in the ranking of the Regional Research Centre. Moreover Mszczonów has been classified as the leader in the ranking of GAZETA BANKOWA /in 1998/ in Poland in respect of the foreign investment per inhabitant and became the title MIASTO 2000 (TOWN 2000) for the project associated with the use of geothermal springs for heating purposes. Several times Mszczonów county has been classified in the ranking PROFESJONALA GMINA PRZYJAZNA INWESTOROM (PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS FRIENDLY COUNTY) and obtained awards in the Competition „Gmina Fair Play – Certified Localization of Investments”
Mszczonów County was the winner of the competition TERAZ POLSKA (POLAND NOW) in 2007.
Mszczonów is the sole Polish town in the exclusive European town network Brundtland assembling the localities with particular achievements in popularisation of ecology and in use of modern techniques enabling savings in energy consumption. In order to make the EU funds raising more effective in the scope of environment protection and public utilities investments, the establishment of Związek Międzygminny Mazowsze Zachodnie (Intergmina Association Mazowsze Zachodnie) was initiated by the county in 2002.
The Intergmina Association consists of eight adjacent countys - Mszczonów, Radziejowice, Puszcza Mariańska, Wiskitki, Jaktorów, Żabia Wola, Baranów and Teresin.
The unemployment factor is one of the lowest rates in Poland as well as in its best developed part i.e. in Mazowsze.
Mszczonów – in accordance with results of the report prepared on the request of Polish Government by the consulting company McKinsey & Company – is a county being capable to solicit for foreign investments in a model manner. 


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