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Investors and industrial areas

Mszczonów is in the possession of an industrial quarter with surface area of 300ha. This quarter is called Eastern Quarter with several large foreign companies i.e. French company FM-Logistic, Dutch DSM manufacturing vitamins for animals, USA – Australian – South African MONDI Packaging – manufacturing packagings of cardboard, French – German MOSTVA – the company specialized in transportation and distribution of diversified types of cars, Danish MAERSK – world leader in the scope of logistics, German logistic Company - FIEGE, Irish ERGON (armoured concrete manufacturer), Discount PLUS (stores and distribution centre supplying the shops network), Japanese YKK (manufacturer of zippers) and British Developer Europa Distribution Center, which purchased already almost 150ha of land in Mszczonów and commenced the project EUROPA PARK. EUROPA PARK will be the largest logistic and warehousing centre in Poland. Europa Distribution Center invite the next companies to Mszczonów proposing them opportunity to rent the finished halls or to purchase the land with service infrastructure to be used for investments. Since 1998, another /South) Industrial Quarter is erected in Mszczonów vicinity. The largest investors in this quarter are: German manufacturer of foamed polystyrene and packaging made of foamed polystyrene - KNAUF and SOLE – Polish distributor of stone materials. Except of a/m companies, nine Polish investors having their facilities in the territory of gmina must be specified, i.e.: LIS - MEBLE, KORNAK – foundry manufacturing cast iron inserts for fires, KERAMZYT – construction materials manufacturer, Warszawskie Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Drogowych, POLSPED Gerlach, DREW-SMOL, BUDOKRUSZ, SPÓŁDZIELNIA USŁUGOWO HANDLOWA (services and Trade Cooperative) managing the trade entities in the territory of three gminas (Mszczonów, Radziejowice and Żabia Wola) and CENTRUM WOLNOCŁOWE WSCHÓD – ZACHÓD (East – West Duty Free Centre) /former SPEDCARGO/ which established Duty Free zone in Mszczonów. Furthermore the investment areas are situated in the east part of the gmina, next to transit route (TIR) No 50 PKL Keramzyt.
The consulting company McKinsey & Company has been requested by Polish Government in 2003 to perform the research intended to determine the solutions intended to stimulated Polish economy and to attract the foreign investors. Mszczonów has been presented as a gmina being capable to solicit for foreign investments in a model manner. Such distinction did never happen to any other gmina in Poland. The results of research have been announced in the Office of the Council of Ministers in course of meeting attended by the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Polish Government, representatives of Polish Business Council and Polish Agency for Foreign Investments as well as by the businessmen and self – government officials.

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