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The activity of Sports and Recreation Centre (OSiR) in Mszczonów to the benefit of development many forms of the physical culture and sports in the town is very dynamic. Owing to its cooperation with specialized social organizations and schools, the Sports and Recreation Centre exerts a significant influence on the attitudes of children and youth towards sports. Except of forecasting, planning and actions intended to ensure continuous sports development, the basic actions of the centre encompass the following:
▪ popularisation, initiation, supporting and advertising the physical culture and tourism in all their forms as well as developing of record – seeking sports
▪ creation of sports base and establishing its use principles
▪ planning of tasks associated with the economic and investment activity in the scope of the physical culture;
▪ rational management of the fund allocated for the activity in the scope of the physical culture.
Many sports sections ensuring proper use of spare time for the children, youth and adults are active under the care of the Sports and Recreation Centre (OSiR) and instructors, viz.:
▪ volleyball section „junior girls” and volleyball section „senior girls”
▪ table tennis section
▪ lawn hockey section
▪ JUDO section.
The aerobic sessions are also organized. The fitness club and sauna are also available for the users of the sports hall. The functioning of the complex MSZCZONÓW THERMS takes place in framework of the Sports and Recreation Centre (OSiR).

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Gminne Centrum Informacji
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