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Mszczonów Therms

„Mszczonów Therms” encompass the modern complex of objects using thermal springs and performing the recreation and rest functions. It has been built at the crossing of Warszawa – Katowice, Wrocław route and the national category road No 50 – TIR Route East – West. The localization of the object is its significant advantage enabling convenient and fast access for the clients in large urban agglomerations. It is an unique object in the territory of Mazowsze and will be strong competitor to the centres using geothermal waters existing in south of Poland. The Therms premises cover the surface area of 2,1 ha with the building containing the administration and sanitary facilities, technical rooms and two bars serving the beaches and ice rink. The object is fully adapted to the needs of disabled visitors. Two of them with total surface area of 190m2 have been filled with geothermal water with temperature of 34°C, one is localized in the building and makes it possible to swim out through the channel to the basin situated outdoors and equipped with neck massage and wall massages. These swimming pools are available 12 months yearly.

Therms of Mszczonow


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