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Association "Smile of child"

Therapeutical – Educational Day – Room in Mszczonów situated in the building of local Primary School has been established as a result of the initiative of Association of the Parents and Guardians of Disabled Children “Smile of Child”. The dayroom is used by the disabled children. The volunteers from the Public Grammar Schools in Mszczonów also participate in the activities prepared for the children. The consultation of the psychologist, language disorders specialist, rehabilitation and specialized therapeutist is also available for the children visiting the entity. They participate also in catechesis in course of their activities. Thanks to cooperation with the Cultural Centre in Mszczonów, the disabled children take also part in integration events to spend time and play with the healthy children of their age several times yearly. The Association has the status of the Non- Profit Organization since June 2007.


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Gminne Centrum Informacji
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